WiFi Security Workshops

In April and May 2015, Joe Dunn (IET Solent Network) hosted three interactive workshops on Wireless Network Security at the University of Portsmouth, University of Southampton, and Southampton Solent University to IET and BCS attendees.

The workshop covered:
  • The IEEE 802.11 standard including MAC addresses, WEP and WPA2
  • Wireless network vulnerabilities including MAC spoofing, the "FMS" attack, and brute-forcing
  • Preventative measures including changing SSIDs, long passwords, reducing broadcast power, and instating VPNs

Following a 30 minute lecture and 15 minute demonstration, attendees were 'let loose' on two example wireless networks in order to gain a better understanding of how to protect their own networks from common vulnerabilities.

The event has received very positive feedback including: "This was one of the most fun and informative, workshops I have attended. I would definitely like to attend another. Thank-you", "Very good presentation. The technical detail was summarised and explained very well. Giving the detail of how the wireless systems worked in an easy to understand way. Very much enjoyed the talk" and "I enjoyed the event and it was an eye opener how unsecure some wifi networks are. I really like the hands on approach to the event".

A blog article has subsequently been written by one attendee here - http://www.captec-group.com/blogs/goodnight-sleep-tight-mind-the-wifi-bugs-dont-bite/

Slides from the event can be downloaded here - https://communities.theiet.org/communities/files/173/8557

The event will next be held on the Isle of Wight in January 2016.
Blog IET Solent Network 13/06/2015 3:19pm BST


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