Present Around The World (PATW) is the IET's presentation competition for students, recent graduates,
apprentices and young professionals aged 18 to 30.The event is mainly to judge presentation skills so competitors
are asked to give a presentation for ten minutes on any subject related to Engineering and Technology, and to
answer questions for a further five minutes. This year's Birmingham local heat took place at Birmingham City
University (BCU) on Thursday 26th April and despite a few organisational hiccups, the event was conducted with
great success.
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David Brookes
Rolls-Royce Control Systems
Mak Sharma
Birmingham City University
David Mellor
Wincanton Defence & Engineering
PATW Judges

We had a total of 8 contestants from BCU, University of Birmingham, Rolls Royce Plc and Tata Technologies.
Presentation topics ranged from robotics and automation all the way to radio frequency and piezoelectricity.
In the words of Professor Mak Sharma, the quality and standard of each presentation was quite high and
the contestants seem to be improving year on end.
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James Pedley
Tata Technologies
Challenges of Developing Autonomous Vehicles
Arushi Madan
University of Birmingham
Suicide Prevention Mechanism
Runner up
PATW Winners

On Behalf of IET Birmingham's YP committee, I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to our winners
and commiserations to all our other contestants. I would also like to thank the judges who volunteered to participate
in this event and who also provided valuable feedback to each contestant.
In future events we hope to encourage other companies and universities around the Birmingham area to take part
in the event. Many thanks to Amy Muncer at PATW, Abraham Alex at Birmingham YP and our chairman Ivan Ellis
whose help was invaluable to the success of this event.
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Blog IET Birmingham Network 16/05/2018 11:29am BST

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