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History Of PV Hunter And The Hunter Memorial Lecture

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‘An Electrical Engineer whose design and development work created a generic blueprint for HV cable design’

From joining the Merz & McLellan Company through to his influential time at the Callenders Cable & Construction Company both as Chief Engineer and then as Deputy Chairman, Philip Vassar Hunter hugely contributed to the fundamental understanding of problems associated with power transmission culminating in the development of the first 132 kV gas filled cable. Along with his ground-breaking developments in cable design PV Hunter undertook research and lead in matters such as:
  • Improvements to the sensitivity of the Merz Price Protection System i.e. the Price Hunter System;
  • PING-Asdic, fundamental in the development of and subsequently awarded CBE in recognition;
  • Wrote a seminal paper with JF Watson entitled 'Dielectric disturbances in super tension multicore cables from thermal expansion of the conductors’ postulating that thermal effects where a primary cause of breakdown in the then current 33 kV cable technology;
  • Researched resin oil impregnating compound insulations, how heat cycles created by the variable power loading cycles effected this dielectric;
  • President of the Institution of Electrical Engineers in 1933;
  • Magnetic mine sweeping, developed a semi submersible cable.
In recognition of his lifetime achievements British Insulated Callenders Cables (BICC formed by the merger of Callender's Cable & Construction Company Limited and British Insulated Cables) sponsored an annual Hunter Memorial Lecture. Over the last fifty plus years this prestigious lecture has being given annually by luminaries from the world of power engineering, each lecture reflecting on new developments in the science and field of power distribution.  BICC was subsequently acquired by Pirelli Cables which later became Prysmian Cables, a major international supplier of HV cables and components.  The IET Midlands Power Group is delighted that Prysmian have kindly agreed to continue the sponsorship of this keynote lecture.

The first lecture was given in 1958 by C.O. Boyce, entitled ‘PV Hunter - Electrical Engineering in our Time’.

Moving onward and in a similar field to PV Hunter’s interest area, the 1993 lecture was given by Professor W Toby Norris entitled ‘Supertension Cables - the forward Drive’.
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