IET Brunei Contribution To Brunei’s Healthcare Frontliners

handover ceremony
20 April 2020 – Amid the Covid-19 situation in Brunei, The Institution of Engineering Technology Brunei (IET) Brunei Network support our healthcare frontliners by utilizing their engineering skills.
Members designed and build 4 Stainless Steel Mobile Boot Rack which can accommodate 80 pairs of boots for Ministry of Health, Brunei.

The ceremony was held at Minstry of Health and was presented by Vice Chairman, Ir. Dr. Siong Tang. Also present was Major Farhan and Haji Amrinal (IET Brunei committee management members). The donations are part of the IET commitment to actively support and assist the Ministry of Health in managing the COVID-19 outbreak in the country and for the care of its healthcare frontliners.
Posted by Siong Tang on Apr 21, 2020 2:45 AM Europe/London


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