IET Brunei Network Committee 2017-2018

IET Committee Members 2017-2018
Honorary Chairman     Lt Col (U) Schufin Hj Brahim
Honorary Vice-Chairman   Hj Jailani Hj Buntar
Honorary Secretary     Muhd. Aminuddin Mohd. Yusof
Honorary Assistant Secretary     Major Wan Farhan bin Hj Ibrahim
Honorary Treasurer     Pg Hj Masle Pg Hj Hamid
Committee Member     Simon Leong Kian Ann (Immediate Past Chairman)
Committee Member     Dr. William Voon
Committee Member    Lim Sam Lee (IPRA)
Committee Member     Dr. Tang Shi Siong
Committee Member     Hj Amrinal bin Hj Amir
Committee Member     Zainidi Hj Abdul Hamid 
Committee Member     Lt. Nurul Khartini
Committee Member    Supatra Lee
YPS Chairman            Ong Boon Jing
Posted by Siong Tang on Nov 25, 2017 8:58 AM Europe/London


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