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Wide Area Synchro Phasor Applications
Synchrophasor measurements are a growing part of real-time operations at utilities during power system disturbances. They provide operators and engineers with a window into the present operating condition of the power grid that is not visible with the typical supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) measurement rates. The advent of synchrophasors has driven the deployment of global timing signals to IEDs. Because of this, oscillographic reports are now time-stamped with the same high- precision timing source as synchrophasors. Combining synchrophasor measurements and IED oscillographic reports during post-disturbance analysis provides a wide-area context for a better understanding of the conditions leading up to and following a disturbance.
This seminar summarizes five real-life synchrophasor applications for wide-area power system control and monitoring. For each application, the requirements, basic system concepts, and field experiences are described. The five real-life applications to be discussed are as follows:
  1. Remedial Action Scheme Based on Synchrophasor Measurements and System Angle Difference for Peru’s 500 kV Grid
  2. Implementing a Country-Wide Modular Remedial Action Scheme in Uruguay
  3. Wide-Area Measurement and Control Scheme Maintains Central America’s Power System Stability
  4. Design, Implementation, and Practical Experience of an Emergency Control System for the Country of Georgia Power System
  5. Integrating Synchrophasors and Oscillography for Wide-Area Power System Analysis
Cyber Security for Power Systems
Security threats are more prevalent today than ever before as devices and equipment become more interconnected. This creates weak points, and because the mission-critical processes are prime targets, an attack could easily cascade into a much larger issue. Regulations continue to evolve to counteract these risks and threats, and dealing with these regulations can make security even more challenging to understand.
The speaker will discuss the importance of implementing security best practices not only focusing on compliance, but also focusing on maintaining the reliable and safe delivery of electric power while managing the safe operation of mission-critical industrial processes.
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