Dear Members,
Young Professional Chairman’s Report
Tan Eng Hwa,
Young Professional Chairman 2017-2019
The session from 01st Oct 16 to 30th Sep 17 was an amazing one for our Young Professional Section (YPS). This was a year of exploration as we tried new ways of doing things and did a little re-organization of our YPS structure. This session was also special as we created one On Campus group and helped in the creation of another. These are PSB Academy On Campus and Chindwin On Campus. Thomas, the founding President of PSB Academy On Campus, went on to setup Chindwin On Campus after he had graduated from PSB Academy and went back to Myanmar. The people working hard behind this success are Dr Liau Vui Kien, Associate Dean (International) of PSB Academy and Cheng Kai Xian, Vice Chair (On Campus), YP and Cheng Chia Loon, Immediate Past Chair, YP.
This year was also a year of achievement as both our On Campus’ went on to become 2 finalists of the 4 contenders for the IET On Campus Group of the Year Award. PSB Academy On Campus eventually emerged victorious and won first place. The dedication and effort of Dr Liau was also recognized as he was one of 3 Finalists for the IET Volunteer Medal together with our IET Singapore Chairman, Jolyon Caplin. I would like to congratulate both of them for going way beyond their duty and earning the recognition of IET.
As our list of volunteers grew, we had to create sub-committees and an Ex-co team to keep our monthly YP meetings productive and efficient. Our Ex-co team consists of the Chair, Vice Chair (Marketing & Events), Vice Chair (On Campus), Women Section, Secretary, Treasurer and Immediate Past Chair. Our sub-committees consist of the two On Campus Chairs, the Event Sub-committee and the Marketing Sub-committee. Our Ex-co holds monthly meetings while the event & marketing sub-committees hold their own ad-hoc meetings to discuss issues as necessary. The On Campus group also plans and holds their committee meetings
on a regular basis. While this introduces an additional layer of hierarchy, we invite all
volunteers to come together every 6 months to ensure everyone gets updated, have an opportunity to connect with fellow volunteers and have their voices heard. This is also an opportunity for the Ex-co to engage and interact with our fellow volunteers. We coined the name “YP Forum” as this is a forum for YP volunteers to discussion and voice their ideas and concerns. Our first YP forum brought on many great ideas and we managed to execute them progressively.
Some of the ideas suggested and implemented included
the creation of an Instagram account to reach out to young members who are more active in social media
sponsoring posts on Facebook to reach out to more audiences
having more technical companies visits for students
joining co-operative events with the regional network
team bonding events
having an SOP on marketing to ensure no duplication or no post, etc.
… and many more.
We also have our first batch of LifeSkills Coaches this year all thanks to Edward Ho, Vice Chair (Marketing & Events), YPS for liaising with IET YPS to finalize the details. Our LifeSkill’s coaches were selected after several rounds of interview where they were “grilled” by 3 interviewers. We originally had just 2 coaches (Mr Tan Teck Lee and Mr Morgan Bonici) but due to overwhelming response, we added a third coach (Dr Andrew Ng). Our inaugural LifeSkills workshop was conducted by Mr Morgan Bonici at the Orchard Hotel. Thanks are due to Michal Luo who is always on hand to guide our trainers on their presentation. The second roll out was by Mr Tan Teck Lee at the NTU Alumni Club, Marina Square; both workshops garnered a strong positive response even from external guests.
I am very touched and honored by all our volunteers who put in their heart and soul to contribute not for their own benefit but to reach out and advance Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) for Singapore as part of the IET mission “to inspire, inform and influence the global engineering community, supporting technology innovation to meet the needs of society”.  Every one of our volunteers put so much effort into their respective tasks and organized them proficiently and professionally for our members. The most outstanding event and most memorable one was the A F Harvey Award Winning Presentation. We were honoured to be invited to organize this important talk in this region outside UK. This is also the first time the A F Harvey Lecture has been conducted outside the UK.
Another memorable event is that our LN PATW winner Dr. Alan Li, despite not winning the Regional completion was most favoured among the attendees for the Regional PATW held in Auckland. The “Audience Favorite Award” was presented to Dr. Alan Li.
Our Singapore Network was also awarded the Most Improved Network for Asia Pacific together with WA Network.
I would like to take this opportunity to really thank all our YPS Volunteers for taking time off their busy schedules to support IET Singapore in organizing all our events and to attend all the meetings and discussion pre and post events. They are Chong Wei, Mankit, Rish, Qu Cheng, Yao Qiang, Harry, Yi Sheng, David, Shinn, Seng Chee, Xiong Wei, Nick, Yoke Han, Chin Wen, Zhen Bang, Alan, Chenyu, Xiangyu, Zhihao, Nilar, Ken, Andrian, Archit, Hsu Mee, Henry, Thomas, Sean
I would also like to thank the Presidents of both NTU On Campus and PSB Academy On Campus for their leadership and guidance to the On Campus Groups. Also, Dr Liau Vui Kien, Advisor to PSB Academy On Campus.
I would also like to specially thank my Ex-co members. Ren You, Honorary Secretary and Morgan Bonici, Assistant Honorary Secretary for being able to minute down all our “nonsensical” discussions and make sense and logic out of it. Edward Ho, Vice Chair (Marketing & Events) for planning and organizing all the YP events including marketing, pre
and post event tasks. Cheng Kai Xian, Vice Chair (On Campus) for sharing his past experience as NTU On Campus Chair and guiding the creation of PSB Academy on Campus. Cheng Chia Loon, Immediate Past Chair for guiding and advising me on how to run our YP efficiently and effectively. Huang Ling Xi, Women Section, for advancing women in engineering and organizing coffee chats with on campus students to advise and guide them. Lim Meng Yong, YP Council who rendered his support when he could.
Of course all these would not have happened if not for the Main Committee. I would like to thank the Main Committee for their strong support and guidance, without which, YP would not be able to implement all the innovative ideas to advance the cause of IET. This includes a special mention to Yvonne Ko, our Local Manager who is always on top of things and ensuring everything goes smoothly and according to plan. Thank you very much for all the great support and being our live encyclopedia and walking archives.
Last but not least, I would like to thank Winnie Lee, Community Relationship Manager, who always gives us full support and is always updating us on the latest happenings at IET UK and who never fails to visit us at least once a year. Of course, not forgetting Isabella Mascarenhas who loves us “to the max” and is always very supportive of our new initiatives and helped to bring LifeSkill to Singapore.
Thank you very much to all our volunteers and our members. Submitted by: Tan Eng Hwa
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