Shopee-IET Machine Learning Challenge

Shopee-IET Machine Learning Challenge

I was invited to attend the Shopee-IET Machine Learning Challenge by our NTU IET On-Campus Network on the 11th March.

After a quick introduction of the IET provided by Yi Sheng, the guest speaker from Shopee Dr Pan YaoZhang gave a presentation on what Shopee is and does in the field of data science as well as outlining the opportunities which students who would want to work at Shopee would be able to enjoy pointing out that technical skills as well as personal drive and soft skills are all important to would be data analysts.

The contest itself running from today until the 29th March is to design an algorithm to classify images into different categories based on their content. The objective is simple, create the code which can most accurately sort a sample of images and win the top prize of $1500! Each team would also have a mentor from the Shopee data science team to provide them with advice and direction in the early stages of the project

Teams from NTU, NUS, SUTD and SMU were all eager to join in this challenge which will enable them to experience working on real life ‘noisy’ data examples which will prove I am sure invaluable to any of the students not only looking to work in this field but for all who will at one point or another have to make sense of data which is not clear cut.

A special shout out would go to the Michael Sun ZhiHao and Deng Yue our former NTU On-Campus chairman and current VP who masterminded this opportunity having recently started working at Shopee.

A great chance for all students to develop their skills and a chance for the IET On-Campus to show off and make a name for themselves in front of students from other institutions who do not have a dedicated OC group.

I wish the best of luck to all who take part.

Morgan Bonici,

Link to NTU IET OC

Link to Shopee Singapore
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