IET Malaysia YP Teambuilding Event


IET Malaysia YP Teambuilding Event 

3rd/4th Feb 2018 at Carpe Diem

QuCheng and I were invited to represent IET SG YP at the IET Malaysia YP Teambuilding Event which was held near Kuala Lumpur. Organised by the Malaysia YP Section, this event involved forty participants, numerous On-Campus groups from both nearby universities but also as far afield as Perlis and Sabah along with a few attendees from overseas networks such as Singapore and Brunei.

After a fun icebreaking session where we each had to introduce ourselves with two true and one false statement which the others would have to guess, we spent most of the rest of the afternoon taking part in an almighty treasure hunt testing not only our physical prowess and courage but also our sleuthing capabilities to find the next clue. This was followed by an all-around sharing session where we each spoke on why we joined the IET and how we see ourselves growing as professionals and students through it. The night ended with a BBQ and impromptu talent competition while others watched the stars and contemplated existence.
The next day was a little more formal with each OC sharing their activities and plans for the year. We were also joined by members of the Malaysia LN Main committee and from a representative from the Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM).
One of the main outcome of the visit for me asides from making a few new friends was to see what all of the other IET groups in the area are doing and the many ideas and possibilities for collaborations on future events. I would thank Dr John Tan again for giving us the opportunity to come and to be involved in organising the event.
More serious points,
It was a great event, met people from all around and saw a lot of what they got on with. Some of the Ocs are close to Singapore such as the U of Southampton Campus in JB and we could definitively do a few events together.
Many members were interested in coming to Singapore in the week leading up to the PATW and YPCVC to perhaps do an industrial visit (Rolls Royce was highly requested).
I met Mr Tan Zhi Howe from IEM who told me about an upcoming conference in Singapore (CAFEO) which seems to be mostly an IES event but which may be a good idea for a few of our members to attend to show face and see what everyone else is up to.
Some of the events discussed which particularly impressed me was how some of the Klang Valley OC put together an ‘Engineering week’ full with visits, activities and even a half marathon ‘Engineering run’ (this was not organised as a specific run but involved members forming a team and all running wearing engineering t-shirts) which could be a good initiative to try to replicate if we pool resources between our Ocs, Yps and main comm.
Once again, a big thank you to Dr John Tan.
Morgan Bonici MIET
YP-Trainer, Assit Hon Sec
LN Assist Hon Sec

Carpe Diem Serendah, Selangor, Malaysia



Morgan Bonici


Ice Breaking Session

Introduce Yourself


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