Young Professionals (YP) - NTU Yunnan Garden Campus Visit-20th December 2017

Dr John Tan, Chairperson of Young Professionals (YP) Malaysia visited NTU Yunnan Garden Campus on 20th December 2017 together with Dr Tiang, Dr Lim and Dr Wong, who are also serving YP Malaysia committee. 
Dr John Tan was invited by Professor Shum Ping, Director for Centre of Optical Fiber Technology to give a talk on IET Young Professionals initiatives and leadership skill. The sharing session was supported by the graduate students and research staffs, as well as YP Singapore committee members. It was followed by a guided tour to The Photonics Institute. 

Lunch meeting
The visit was concluded after the lunch session when YP Malaysia representatives departed to Changi Airport for their return trip to Kuala Lumpur. IET Singapore would like to express our sincere gratitude towards YP Malaysia for paying us a visit and we look forward to exciting collaborations and mutual support in 2018!


 Representatives from YP Malaysia and Singapore

We are very grateful that Dr John Tan and his team are willing to spend some time to network with some representatives from IET Singapore, Chia Loon, Morgan, Yi Sheng and Kai Xian over a lunch session here. Dr Goh Wan Ling, Associate Professor from School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), attended the lunch session too. Both YP Malaysia and Singapore agree to look into more collaborative initiatives among On Campuses and YP in the coming year. Moreover, the representatives from NTU Photonics Society and NTU IET On Campus have linked up during the event and agreed to have some joint events in the coming semester. 

Group photo with staffs and students from Centre of Optical Fiber Technology
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