PDPA Training and Volunteer Appreciation Night

On 16th Oct 2017, the IET (Singapore Network) organised a significant annual networking event that gathered all incoming committee members of the Main Committee, Young Professionals and the On-campus groups. The purpose for this event was to facilitate the handover of tasks from existing committee members to the new committee members, as well as to deliver a compulsory Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) briefing so that all the committee members can conduct their tasks effectively, within the stringent provisions of the PDPA. The incoming Chairman, Jolyon Caplin, introduced the new committee for the IET (Singapore Network) and On-Campus Groups. He also welcomed the PSB Academy On-Campus Exco who attended the event. The Chairman highlighted the main objectives of the Local Network this year and encouraged everyone to contribute actively towards our goals, taking into account the reducing budget for the coming terms.


The PDPA briefing has been conducted every year since the introduction of Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012. The IET is responsible for making sure its members collect, store, use then later delete personal data correctly and responsibly so as to prevent the leakage or misuse of personal data, intentional or otherwise. This year, the incoming PDPA officer, Eng Hwa conducted PDPA briefing for all members present. This was followed by a Q&A session to clarify any questions on the PDPA regulations governing LN’s membership body.
The Chairman presented the outgoing members with Certificates of Appreciation, to recognise their outstanding contributions as volunteers for the IET Singapore. This included all committee members of the Local Network, Young Professionals, as well as the On-Campuses. This event then ended with a networking session in which all members interacted  to know each other better.
Reported by,
Huang Lingxi
Honorary Secretary
The IET Singapore
Blog IET Singapore Network 24/01/2018 12:54pm GMT

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