IET Singapore Network - Columbus Evening

Columbus Evening, an evening of exploration, and finding new insight was held on 22 Sep 17 to mark the end of 16/17 session and at the same time to celebrate a new beginning from 1 Oct. this evening was a special one as we have our Singapore Network Incoming Chair Mr Jolyon Caplin leading the session to set the direction and the charter for the way ahead.

The attendees were a mix of new, old and ex members. On top of the usual core team members, we have Alan Li, our PATW Singapore winner and also our newly appointed Young Professional - Scientific Outreach. We are also honored to have Mike Henry our past YPS chair who just recently came back to Singapore from an overseas stint in Vietnam. 

It's was quite a discovery journey where we rediscovered our peers through a round of introduction where unknown snippets of their life was shared. We also asked ourselves why we are here on a Friday evening instead of enjoying time with our loved ones. The answers were unanimous. All of us want to contribute in one way or another in making the world a better place. 

With our commitment reinforced, we setup to chart the direction ahead and Edward who attended the recent CVC shared the key messages from the CVC as well as challenges of the various network around the world and how they were overcame. He also shared the direction and focus for the U.K. Headquarters. This session is very useful to disseminate information as well as gather feedbacks from other volunteers and members who did not manage to attend the CVC.

We are also very happy to learn that Kai Xian have been co-opt to the Volunteers Engagement Board which creates another two way channel for us to suggest better way of doing things and to better understand the thoughts process of why certain policy or guidance are implemented.

With great conversation, times past quickly and before we knew it, it was way past 10pm before Jolyon sum it all up and put forth the challenge for us to bring the new term to greater heights.
Blog IET Singapore Network 10/10/2017 7:55am BST

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