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On 6th May 2017, the IET Singapore YPS held the annual PATW at Orchard Hotel. Prior to this competition, there were three separate preliminary rounds held several weeks ago for NTU IET On-campus, PSB Academy IET On-campus, and Young Professionals Open Category, respectively. Through these three preliminary rounds, the judges had qualified seven high calibre participants to take part in PATW Singapore 2017.
As the Organising Chair for PATW Singapore 2017, I invited the participants to arrive the venue an hour before the competition for lunch, and conducted a random “lucky draw” to assign the sequence of the presentations. I am also honoured to have three reputable committee members as the judges: Mr Richard Fong, Mr Tan Eng Hwa, and Mr Lim Meng Yong. I also doubled as the emcee for the competition, a decision made the organising team that showed their excessive affection toward me.
I introduced the first participant, Jayshree Ramesh, for her presentation on a wearable technology that detects early signs of cardiovascular failure and breast cancer. Afterwards, she addressed the questions from the judges and the audience. Similarly, this is followed by Zhang Jinliang, who talked about the concept, working mechanism, benefits and cost of Hyperloop, the future of transportation. Then, Wang Jiahui presented the implementation of sensory feedback in neural prosthetics, and how to achieve finer control over the muscle movement. Next, Hsu Mee Mee Tun presented on special educational technology for engineering courses. Then, Tan Jing Hong presented 3-D printing and its benefits in construction, aerospace, and medical sectors.
Jing Hong’s presentation was followed by a 30-minute tea break so that the judges and participants could relax and be better prepared for the remaining session. Meanwhile, other volunteers collected scoresheets that the judges had completed so far, and recorded it in Excel for easier computation.
After the tea break, the competition was resumed with Dr Alan Li Zhong’s presentation on application of advanced bioceramics in artificial corneal skirts, and theorised that Titania as the most promising material for this application. Lastly, Tomas Svitil talked about how Internet of Things (IoT) enables people without engineering knowledge to make their own innovative projects that involve hardware and programming.
Afterwards, I invited one of the judges, Mr Lim Meng Yong, to present the Certificate of Participation to all participants. I also announced that we had a Mystery Judge, Mr Edward Ho, who had been hiding in a dark corner to conduct very low-profile judging. Meanwhile, the organising team took several minutes to compile the scores, and invited the judges to another meeting room for final deliberation. It was a shame that Mr Lim could not join the deliberation because he had a business trip and was in a rush to the airport. Therefore, I suggested Mr Lim to leave the venue quickly, while all the attendees wished him all the best in catching his flight.
After the deliberation, the two (remaining) judges announced that Dr Alan Li Zhong was the winner for PATW Singapore 2017, and Tomas Svitil was the runner up. Dr Alan Li will represent the IET Singapore to compete for the Regional PATW in Auckland, New Zealand in August.
Special thanks to:
Rich Fong, Eng Hwa, Meng Yong and Edward, for contributing their expertise in judging.
Organising team and new volunteer members, for their time and effort.
Yvonne Ko, for taking over my duty during my exam period, two weeks before the competition.
Myself, for working so hard for everything else.

Written by,
Organising Chair, PATW Singapore
Honorary Secretary, IET YPS Singapore
Blog IET Singapore Network 05/07/2017 5:48am BST

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