Leading The Way With IET Singapore’s Life Skills Workshop

Like Skills Workshop:  Leading & Developing Successful Teams

The rooms was at its full capacity, with everyone listening intently while jotting down notes on the margin of their booklets. A familiar sight at our IET’s technical talks and seminars. This event, however, was slightly different. Here the participants are delving into a topic seldom associated with engineering: Leadership.

In a world that increasingly place emphasis on collaboration and teamwork in the workplace, engineers are finding that technical expertise alone is sufficient. IET recognises this growing need for engineers to develop “soft” skills like communication and leadership, and Singapore Network is among the first to kickstart the series of Life Skills Workshop

Our lively Local Trainer, Morgan, introduces the attendees to the core concepts of leadership peppered with real life experiences of how these concepts can be applied in real life. Everyone from the student members to the most experienced engineering professionals joined in the discussion, and shared their own thoughts on topics such as how team performance can be enhanced and how individuals can be motivated to work effectively.

When asked about the event, a participant from on-campus section gave the workshop a thumbs-up, “It is definitely helped me to be more aware next time I work on group projects, and I look forward to put the concepts into action.”

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