Get To Know The Auckland Network Committee And Thank You!

It was great meeting up with the Auckland Network committee: Old friends and many new faces : )

Learned about the good activities the Network is organising:  Project X, Technical talks and visits.  YPS will organise the PATW NZ Final.  

Congratulations to Julia who is now taking on a bigger role:  Vice Chairperson for the ANZ Young Professionals Campaign!!

During the meeting, an Outstanding Volunteer Certificate was presented to Frank Lewis who contributed a lot to the IET, thanks Frank!!!


It is also very interesting to find out the diverse cultural backgrounds of the Committee Members, they all live in Auckland but some of them have families or originally from other countries:


Warren (Chairman) - South Africa
George (Treasurer) - Sri Lanka
Chris (Committee) - New Zealand (Palmerston North)
Alice (Committee, CC-AP) - Malaysia
Frank (Committee) - Liverpool, UK
Julia (YPS) - Guangzhou, China
Amir (Webmaster) - Iran
Dany (YPS) - Iraq
Eryn (Committee) - South Korea
William (Committee) - United States
Winnie (CM, Asia Pacific) - Hong Kong and Canada

So fortunate to get to know different cultures and such a great team  : )
Posted by Winnie Lee on Apr 27, 2018 11:44 AM Europe/London


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