Cyber In Bristol

With the world becoming ever more connected, crime is moving into the cyber domain and cyber security is becoming a concern for individuals, companies and nations.  This season, the IET will be hosting a range cyber themed events in Bristol:
  • Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure (CSCI).  21-24 Sep 2015, Holiday Inn Bristol City Centre.  4-day IET Professional Development course providing a comprehensive overview of the different stages of a cyber incident.
  • 10th IET System Safety and Cyber Security Conference.  20-22 Oct 2015, Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel. Selected presentations from the conference will be available afterwards via
  • Cyber Security for Smart Buildings. 23 Nov 2015.  Free event.  Could your new building get hacked or catch a virus? Hugh Boyes, IET Cyber Security lead, outlines the challenges and current lessons learnt for cyber security in the built environment, including the IET's code of practice (see link below).

More cyber resources:
Posted by James Inge on Jul 30, 2015 11:07 PM Europe/London


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