Bristol Present Around The World Results

The Bristol heat of the IET Present Around the World competition took place on the 15th of May - There were 7 very interesting and very well prepared presentations.  There was a great diverstity of topics, ranging from the very technical, such as the use of fuel cells in aerospace, to more social with the role of women in engineering.
The winner was Faraz Khan who took us on a journey into Interstellar Flights - his presentation "Propulsion Methods for Interstellar Flight" analysed all the possible methods (Nuclear pulse propulsion, Fusion rockets, Antimatter propulsion, Beamed propulsion) and quantified in detail that Intestellar flights is a possibility of the near fututre!
The runner-up was Adam Hill who presented "Thermal Imaging Camera use of next generation maintenace of Aerospace Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems)"

The next stage of the competition will be the South-West Area Final on 24 June, hosted by the Dorset and South Wilts Local Network.
For more details, please contact George Iordanidis.
Posted by James Inge on May 20, 2013 6:53 AM Europe/London


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