Patryk Wilk Received The 2019 IET Buckinghamshire Local Network Student Prize

Patryk Wilk - BNU Student Prize Winner
Senior Lecturer Rafid Al-Khannak, Andrew Dodd & Patryk Wilk
Patryk Wilk, a graduate of Buckinghamshire New University, has been awarded the 2019 IET Buckinghamshire Local Network Student Prize
Patryk received his prize of £250 immediately after the 3rd September ceremony where he received his degree.  Andrew Dodd of the IET Buckinghamshire Local Network Committee handed over the cheque and a certificate summarising the reason for giving the prize to Patryk.  Patryk received the prize on the recommendations from his tutors, including Senior Lecturer Rafid Al-Khannak. 

Patryk had an excellent and consistently high standard of work throughout his studies and academic performance on his course “BSc (Hons) Computing and Web Development”, including his outstanding Project.  He applied sound project management and technical skills to devise and deliver an effective solution to the given problem. In this case, Patryk developed an app for students to help them to plan recipes and meals.
Posted by Andrew Dodd on Oct 15, 2019 6:11 PM Europe/London


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