Continual Professional Development At The IET.

Make the most of your membership and use The IET features to record your continual professional development (CPD). Read on to find out how...

Here at The IET we know how important it is to keep you CPD logged and up to date. Whether you are in the midst of your career , a student or retired, we offer many ways for you to rack up those hours needed to keep registration up to date. For events and workshops that may help you please visit the events section on the website or .

If you haven't heard before, as a member of The IET, you can make use of the ' Career Manager' suite. It allows you to store all of your CPD under one roof and acts as a portfolio which is easily transferable when going through Registration, CEng, IEng and other levels of Professional Registration. Make sure you sign up to career manager here

For more information about CPD or Professional registration please follow this link 
Posted by Rikki-Louise Davies on May 15, 2018 11:56 AM Europe/London


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