Architecture of a Space Vehicle Stealth Structure, based on a Novel Revolutionizing Geometry of Poly

It is anticipated that future shall need consideration of more frequent space travelling and search for a possible more promissing environment for humans.

This featuristic characteristics architectural proposal of a special stealth type space vehicle, bears geometry of a recently discovered invention of a Non-regular Icosahedron, bearing geometry relating the 5 Platonic-Eucleidean Polyhrdea.
The Geometry of this work is part of my published book “Treatise on Circle Generator Polyhedron Harmony and Disharmony Condition of Three Concentric Circles in Common Ratio”,
ISBN 978 – 618 – 83169 – 0 - 4, National Library of Greece 04/05/2017 by Panagiotis Ch. Stefanides.
It concerns relationships of 3 Concentric
Circles in Ratio to each other of 4/π
(for 4/π equql to the square root of the golden ratio i.e. 1,2701965.. , for π = 3.14460551.. ) .

*“Generator” refers to the geometric characteristics of this Non-regular Icosahedron found to be roots of the other
5 Polyhedra. i.e. Platonic/Eucleidean Solids [Icosahedron, Dodecahedron etc]

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