PATW 2019: Natasha Padfield - Eliminating the Gap between Humans and Computers
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Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) eliminate the gap between humans and computers, enabling users to interact with computers hands-free using just their minds, but at the cost of providing the interface with extensive personal biosignal data. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have used a BCI in some form or other, but we are still at the cusp of a technological revolution whose vision is for human minds and computers to interact seamlessly. This talk explores where brain-computer interface technology currently stands, and how this revolution in the near-future could impact our everyday lives and healthcare. However, this transition to seamless interaction has been a long time coming with research into such interfaces beginning in the 1970s but being slowed by a myriad of obstacles. This talk delves into the multi-faced technological and ethical issues standing between these developing technologies and their commercialization - and highlights some promising ways forward.
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Monday 3 June 2019 4:19am

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