A Non-Regular Icosahedron Geometry Satellite Form, Mirror Invested Polyhedroheliotrope, for Optical
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Working on relationships of three circles in common ratio [4/π or square root of the golden number ] and drawing lines of related tangents, squares and triangles, viewed on the paper plan, a figure having the shape of a section [Hexagonal] similar to that of an Icosahedron or Dodecahedron. This gave me the idea of searching for an existing probable Polyhedron built upon this traced shape. In fact this Polyhedron was built[ 4x scale], whose geometry relates to the Icosahedron and the Dodecahedron. It is a non regular Icosahedron having 12 Isosceli triangles and 8 Equilateral triangles. Mirror triangles cut to size, invested the structure for the configuration of a “Polyhedroheliotrope” Satellite Optical Tracking application: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/generator-polyhedron-panagiotis-stefanides-finalist-2017-stefanides/
This work is part [mainly geometric configurations’ presentation] of my published book : Treatise on Circle Generator Polyhedron Harmony and Disharmony Condition of Three Concentric Circles in Common Ratio, ISBN 978 – 618 – 83169 – 0 - 4, National Library of Greece 04/05/2017 by Panagiotis Ch. Stefanides. “Generator” refers to the geometric characteristics of this Solid found to be roots of the other Solid Polyhedra i.e. Platonic/Eucleidean Solids [Icosahedron, Dodecahedron etc]:

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