User Feedback on DocCreate - Version 4
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Place for people using DocCreate to give constructive criticism about this feature Document Collaboration. I want to create a Word document which I can share with members of the committee to arrange a programme of events – problems I can only invite collaboration from people who are my personal contacts on MyCommunities. This implies that every member of the Committee has to send an email to every other member of the committee in order to setup the contacts. I should be able to invite collaboration to Groups so we can setup a Group for the Committee and then just invite anyone in the Group to collaborate. Document Settings didn’t work – it just hung with a message saying ‘processing….’ I didn’t seem possible to change from a public to a private document once the document had been created. It’s difficult to go back and find your document. MyDocumentsHome shows two documents, but MyDocuments shows just one – see attached The document seemed to have lost its contents when I came back to edit it When creating a new document, what is the difference between ‘save’, ‘save and continue’ and ‘return to document’? Although I could add an image to the document, I can’t add an Excel Spreadsheet or Word Document. Without this functionality there’s not any point in using MyDocument
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Monday 9 April 2012 4:29am

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