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See Rev A for revision of 1.1 and 1.2
Candidate Name: Grace DRAPER
Membership No: 1100378172
Agree Eng Tech. No real justification on Stage 4 ADF.

Candidate Name: Robert JONES
Membership No: 1100440998
Agree on the decline, and believe the process has been correctly applied . I sometimes wonder why we bother sending feedback, if candidates don’t take the time to read them, and prov...
Gregory Clarke - 1100407768 IEng Approve Agreed

A good application but all supporters only identified A & C as “Adequate” should this have been raised to probe further at interview? Good PRI comments on both interview and decision. Overall a good sound IEng candidate who has been identified as potentially an assor.

Lee Dymond - 1100398035 IEng Appr...
Grace Draper - 1100378172 EngTech Approve Agreed

Well document application through approved apprenticeship scheme & fully mapped. Stage 4 panel justification statement “uphold” incorrect as they are assessing the application and no justification comments are made.

Robert Jones - 1100440998 EngTech Decline Agreed

Applicant seems to have...
9 – Approve agreed; approved apprenticeship scheme & fully mapped; Stage 4 “uphold” term inaccurate as they are assessing the application and no justification text.

10 – No comment – I was Registrar.

11 – ICT Tech agreed. Useful set of papers. No justification at Stage 4.

12 – ICT Tech agreed. Suitably handled case.