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Telesat Lightspeed 27577
This lecture is addressing Telesat's plans to create a constellation of Low Earth Orbit satellites. The presentation will provide an architecture overview highlighting the main technical characteristics and the features of the system.
Fri 24 September 2021 12:15am
Churchill's Toyshop 27271
When becoming PM Churchill knew of the massive War Office red tape; to by-pass this he appointed himself Minister of Defence and created just one Department –MD1 located at Whitchurch just north of Aylesbury. The department was to be under Churchill's direct ...
Wed 6 October 2021 10:00am
Quantum Communications Networks 26268
Speaker: Dr. Siddarth Joshi, Bristol University Quantum communications relies on a seemingly magical principle of entanglement of two distant particles. At Bristol University, Dr. Joshi's team have created a quantum network of eight receiver boxes at an ...
Thu 14 October 2021 6:30pm
ONLINE WEBINAR - NVIDIA Powers the AI Revolution 26978
To make a booking please go to https://localevents.theiet.org/f5a6fc The CEO and founder of  NVIDIA, Jensen Huang, described the artificial intelligence revolution as “a once in a lifetime opportunity” to show leadership in the field.  The architecture of a ...
The Route to Zero Emission Buses in London 27550
Updates on technology trials for moving the Tfl bus fleet to zero emissions
To 5G and beyond ... 27574
This event is planned to be a physical meeting in High Wycombe. Phil Corbishley takes a thoughtful look at 5G. Has it delivered the promised benefits? What comes next?
Thu 21 October 2021 7:30pm
Impact of quantum computing on Security Frameworks 27646
Our speaker will discuss Quantum Computers, their capabilities and the threat they represent to current security frameworks.
Geoengineering: in case of emergency, break glass 27384
Join the debate on 25 October when we welcome Rupert Read, academic, Green Party campaigner and spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion on the EngTalk stage Andy Parker, the project director of the Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative (the SRMGI) ...
Block Chain 27024
The huge potential block chains offer for more secure and reliable systems.
Wed 27 October 2021 6:30pm
Making London and the South East EV Ready 27339
We are entering the age of the electric vehicle. New vehicle manufacturers are revolutionising the customer proposition of mobility. Big oil companies are getting involved in the EV charging industry as fuel stations begin their transformation. But how is ...

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