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Ocean and Climate: Tackling the Challenges of Climate Change and Human Pressures 26919
Dr Helen Scales on Why the Deep Ocean Matters, this coming April our EngTalks programme will further explore the theme of ocean sustainability with IMarEST Ambassador to the UN, Professor Stephen de Mora
WELL 2 Building Standard 26847
This talk will discuss wellness within the built environment, a subject attracting increasing interest
Wed 5 May 2021 7:30pm
RESCHEDULED: Electromagnetic fields- risks to human health and control measures 24840
This talk will initially provide an update on the current research and legislation regarding the risks of electromagnetic fields on human health. It will then showcase the risk management process followed by the railways, and discuss how it can be useful in other ...
Advances in Electronically Active Textiles 26289
This presentation investigates how modern textile technologies can be used to create such wearable electronic devices and explains ways by which this is being achieved.
Digital Transformation of the NHS 26290
Gary’s presentation will provide an overview of use of Digital Technology to transform the NHS.
Wed 29 September 2021 6:30pm
Quantum Communications Networks 26268
Speaker: Dr. Siddarth Joshi, Bristol University Quantum communications relies on a seemingly magical principle of entanglement of two distant particles. At Bristol University, Dr. Joshi's team have created a quantum network of eight receiver boxes at an ...
Thu 14 October 2021 6:30pm
ONLINE WEBINAR - NVIDIA Powers the AI Revolution 26978
To make a booking please go to https://localevents.theiet.org/f5a6fc The CEO and founder of  NVIDIA, Jensen Huang, described the artificial intelligence revolution as “a once in a lifetime opportunity” to show leadership in the field.  The architecture of a ...
Block Chain 27024
The huge potential block chains offer for more secure and reliable systems.
Wed 27 October 2021 6:30pm
5G demystified: the what, when and where 26291
This talk will provide an update and review of the transformational plans, capabilities, and outcomes from 5G deployments in the UK.
The Red Phone Box – its history, and future 26292
They have achieved iconic status but are now seldom used. Nevertheless, they remain as an essential part of what makes Britain.

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