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Leigh-Ann recounts her leadership journey, shares key learnings from “life as a CPO”, and expresses her view on why cross-discipline integration is a key success factor for all companies.
How the Universe Tries to Kill You 26716
From gamma-ray bursts to asteroid impacts, an overview of cataclysmic events. This light-hearted but scientifically robust approach presented by Stephen Tonkin incorporates a lot of fundamental cosmological processes, from stellar evolution to galactic ...
Wed 3 March 2021 10:30am
The Slipping Forecast Rail adhesion on Automatic Train Railways 26829
This talk will consider adhesion management, essential to maintain automatic railway’s train-borne speed and location detection
Antennas and Propagation for Transport and Associated Infrastructure 26866
This webinar will bring together leading industry experts and academic researchers working on antennas and propagation in the context of V2X communications, autonomous vehicle sensors including automotive radar, rail communications, positioning systems ...
Raising Standards, Saving Lives – the role of the Building Safety Manager 26938
The Grenfell tragedy highlighted the need for sweeping changes in the construction world to ensure resident safety. It’s led to the Building Safety Bill proposing a new role, the Building Safety Manager, which will be required by all buildings in scope. This ...
The role of hydrogen in a decarbonising energy system 26869
Hydrogen will play an important role in achieving net zero
Delusions of gender: Neuroscience and stereotyping 26889
Delusions of Gender is based heavily, though not exclusively, on the pivotal text of the same name by Cordelia Fine. As a renowned neuroscientist, Fine wrote this extremely readable, funny and critically acclaimed book, detailing many peer reviewed studied and ...
Dealing with Conflict - live e-class 26416
This session aims to provide you with the fundamental skills needed to handle conflict in a calm and assertive manner.
MFI *VIRTUAL* Stammtisch - March 2021 26928
Germany Network members living in or near Munich may have attended one of the  MFI's  regular monthly  Stammtisch   events. Unfortunately, these meetings cannot take place at the moment but Athol has been busy organising virtual versions instead. Here is his ...
150 Women Engineering Leaders Showcase -  National Conference on Contributions to National Development by Malaysian Women Scientists 2021 26751
Join us in celebrating the contributions of female scientists in Malaysia on 6 March at 09:00 - 13:10(UTC 8 hours), with our virtual 150 Women Engineering Leaders Showcase! Register here: http://ow.ly/Qa6c50DbaI0 #IET150 #WomenInSTEM

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