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Don't Try This At Home!!!???
Looking for a diagnostic A/C Manifold Gauge Set, landed https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384074406920 scrolling down to the  Product Description, I think something got lost in the copy/paste/translation(?):

Product Description
Refrigeration Air Conditioning AC Diagnostic Manifold Gauge Set R134A,R12, R22


This device is an easy-to-use machine designed to tighten skin in and around the facial area. 

It has a solid metal base and rubber feet, which provide stability. 

The pump works with the refrigerants of R22, R12, R134A, R410A without leaking. 

This pump is heat resistant and abrasion resistant, and it can also be installed with or without an adapter.

✨ High Efficiency and Low Noise

An electrometric-coupling insert between the motor and module results in extremely quiet and smooth operation.

2. Manifold Gauge Features:

Compact & Lightweight Design

Anodized aluminum block body

Pressure in PSI measurement

Viewing the refrigerant flow

Adjusting High or Low Pressure

Diaphragm valves with swivel seals for more positive seal and less wear

Built in viewing glass,Over-sized sight-glass for easy 

Durable rubber gauge cover for added support and protection

Comes with back hook for hanging the manifold gauge in place

Designed to meet 1/4" Standard SAE requirement for refrigerant permutation

High-quality stainless-steel, no-flutter gauge design,with accurate reading.


Pumping speed: 2.5CFM

Rotating speed: 1440 Rpm

Oil capacity: 220 ML

Power: 1/4 HP

Voltage: AC220V

Inlet Port: 1/4" SAE

Hose Working pressure: 600 PSI-3000 PSI


Dodge Dakota 2001-2004 4WD/4X4

Application For:

Air Condition (including automative applicatons)

Printing Machinery

Vacuum Packing

Gas-analysis and hot-forming plastic 

Jewelry Marking/Gluing Jobs

Perfect for Home or Business



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