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The Mysterious Case of the Phantom 0.2 Amps Current Source.
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Diverted neutral current ? or closely related.
As the house appears to have a dedicated transformer, it could be diverted neutral current from the HV neutral.

UK HV systems are almost always 3 phase, 3 wire without neutral.
USA HV circuits are often 4 wire with a neutral.
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I agree - the yanks in effect have a CNE/PEN on their HV system - and tend to use a common HV/LV earthing system even for small transformers with high local electrode resistances - so I reckon what he's seeing is diverted N current from the HV system. 2nd guess would be some capacitive coupling between the HV and LV windings of the transformer.
   - Andy.
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Completely off topic, but I like how Square D look like they’ve not updated the style of their mcbs for about 30 years in the States


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