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Electrical qualifications
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Hi guys just wanted some advice on career progression and my options. Here is a bit about me. 

I’m 25 served originally a mechanical apprenticeship then completed a HNC in mechanical engineering. I was always curious about the electrical industry and wanted to know more and learn more so I decided to work for a company carrying out maintenance where I then completed an electrical apprenticeship. I am a very inquisitive individual so as you can imagine have many questions on topics I’d like to understand better which at a technician level is not always possible getting the answers off peers. 

My interest is in electrical engineering and am wanting to hopefully study towards a HND/ maybe a degree but wanted advice on what you guys reckon is best. I am currently in full time work. Not sure if it’s best to stay where I am and self fund a HND while I still work (I know it may be hard as I don’t think I will be allocated any time at work to study). Or to potentially find a job with another company which will support my studies? 

thank you for your help in advance guys 



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