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GERMANY has fined and deported three British electricians
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GERMANY has fined and deported three British electricians as Chancellor Angela Merkel has toughened her stance on unregistered workers after Brexit.


What do they mean by unregistered?

What about UK EUR INGs?
 EUR INGs are listed in the FEANI Register, a database maintained by the Secretariat General in Brussels
These posts below must be now out of date.
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To work in Germany as a foreigner you need to be registered with the Auslanderamt - translating literally, more or less the office of folk from out side the land. Furthermore  everyone, local or not,  needs to have their address registered with the local authority of the region where they are staying if the visit is more than a holiday - basically at any instant the German state knows who is living at what adress and doing what for a living.
In the past as a member of the EU , registration was automatically accepted, so you just wasted a morning at the office talking to a local civil servant and explain that the UK does not have identity cards, and you have no previous registration documents, that need cancelling, as the UK does not do that. Non EU nationals joined a longer queue, and approval may or may not be forthcoming. Anyone is  likely to be fined if stopped and found not to be correctly registered within so many days of change of address. There is some pragmatic flexibility for students away from main address for some of the year, and brief events like staying overnights with a girlfriend do not need to be reported. luckily for some ..
This is nothing to do with electrical rules, and much more as if someone came to the UK from far away on a study or perhaps holiday visa, and then got a job without a work permit - you'd be fined and then sent home. The slight difference is that the UK govt has no idea who is supposed to be where, and cannot stop you and say 'papers please' as there are no papers so the case is harder to prove. As the Windrush arrivals found to their cost, a lack of record keeping is not always good.
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The days of “Bargain loving Brits in the sun” are gone, the idea that you can retire to Spain to live cheaply and perhaps do a few odd jobs for others to boost your income a little is a thing of the past.


“Expats throughout the continent have been impacted by new rules now the UK has cut all ties with the European Union. Under newly-implemented Spanish rules, pensioners must now prove an annual salary of £21,000 - despite the UK state pension currently standing at just £6,500 a year, a move that could trigger an exodus of Brits from Spain. This came after Spain started to enforce 90-day stays on unregistered Brits living in the country.”
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Being an UK EUR ING might make it easier to prove qualifications for the required work permit application, but that’s it, it’s not going to give an rights of access to work in the rest of Europe.

Those of us with mere C&G qualifications could be totally stuffed.
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A bit of Bank Holiday viewing for those not up to speed with Bargain loving Brits in the sun.

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It is as simple as this, Brexit must never mean that any advantages nor disadvantages must be publically acknowelged nor endorsed by any means by those who have a vested interest in the UK remaining as a vassal state.
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It is as simple as this, Brexit must never mean that any advantages nor disadvantages must be publically acknowelged nor endorsed by any means by those who have a vested interest in the UK remaining as a vassal state.

I have no idea what you're trying to say here, but I suspect that if I did, I would disagree with it!

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We’re in a state of limbo at the moment due to Covid, all we do know is things ain’t what they used to be but what the future holds is a mystery.
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Basically, the eu nation states, despite their own independent views, must not acknowledge that the standards of any non eu state exceeds their own, and that Brexit in particular must be seen as a complete disaster for the UK "pour encourager les autres”

So, they must, in their insane minds, make Brexit an abject failure in order to deter other nation states from following our example
In essence, The EMPEROR must never, ever be seen naked by anyone other than the UK..

Chris Pearson
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It's nothing to do with the electricians being British - Australians, for example would have been treated in the same way.

We didn't like the freedom of movement of workers (which is one of the EU's fundamental freedoms) so we opted out. People really should not complain that we got what we wanted.
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Well my tenpennorth - I think Brexit was a massive mistake. That does not imply that I think all EU rules and practices are good, far from it. I can see very easily why people were vfery annoyed with the EU and quite rightly. I suspect that Dodgy Dave wanted to shock Merkel and Macron into making changes to the EU in the right way to keep us in, ut it all backfired. So Brexit has probably harmed us (and the EU) and Covid has compounded it worldwide.

Some might disagree though 😉
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An advertisement on the radio a short while ago urged us to make the most of the new trade deal with Mexico, so here’s the plan coming to fruition.

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The trouble is that the new trade deals may not be as good as the deals we no longer have 🤔

”Providing services in Mexico

If you are a UK business providing services in Mexico, there could be changes to the way you provide services.

Mexico may impose new trade restrictions for some types of services. You may no longer have the right to provide some services, or to provide some services in particular ways, to Mexico from 1 January 2021. If in doubt about how the services you provide to Mexico will be affected, you should contact the relevant regulatory body in Mexico.”.

So it looks like once things start to open up after Covid we really are going to have to get used to some big changes as we accept the new normal.


Lots of potential for confusion here.

1. Registration. The Express article is so light on facts it's hard to say which exact piece of paperwork was missing. But I suspect (as Mike mentions) that these guys hadn't registered with the local authority. This something you need to do irrespective of whether you came from an EU member state or not, so not a Brexit matter. German authorities deporting unregistered workers is a commonplace occurrence.
2. Work Permit. For business trips not considered employment (basically meetings/paperwork etc.) they wouldn't have needed any permit and could have stayed for up to 90 days. As they were electricians they should have applied for a work visa. This change is a Brexit matter, as before they would not have needed any additional paperwork. However, in all likelihood the work visa would have been granted, just as for American or Indian or Chinese contractors who do this at the moment.
3. EUR ING. Given that FEANI is nothing to do with the EU this will not be affected. It could however be that to fulfil the visa requirements the EUR ING is helpful.

Despite the presentation by the Daily Express, this is absolutely not a case of Germany, or Angela Merkel personally, toughening the stance on unregistered workers after Brexit, this is the completely normal and appropriate application of German law. As a British Engineer working in the EU I can only say I hope the EU workers in the UK are treated with the patience and respect (and often sympathy) with which I have been. 
You are absolutely right.
One more thing:
An electrician is also a qualified and restricted trade unlike many "electricians" or "engineers" in UK.
And, barring propaganda, UK was never a "vassal state" nor was it subjugated to anything. Also compare the size of unelected "Brussels" serving 27 nations with the size of unelected WhitehaLL, Cabinet Office, etc.

I thought in The IET we would be above jingoism and propaganda.
Best wishes,



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