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Electrocution Verdict.
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"Jurors were told that the lights had significant defects, including a lack of appropriate insulation to prevent water getting in and no earthing at the distribution board from which the circuit was powered.

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There were a number of significant problems in the electrics throughout the pub, which was owned by Naylor's brother-in-law and fellow electrician David Bearman.

Bearman previously entered a guilty plea to Harvey's manslaughter.

He also admitted a charge of abstracting electricity, after an unlawful unmetered supply was used to steal energy for the King Harold.

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Well reading around a bit there seems to be rather more to it than one set of dicky garden lights-  bypassing of meters, and an installation that had well and truly been hacked about. Presumably there was a lack of RCDs as well as missing 'live' main earthing - which also suggests a lack of testing, as almost any pretest would have picked that up, probably even a £5 plug in tester.

I note that the sparks while not found guilty of manslaughter, was found guilty of failing to take reasonable care to limit the risk or prevent the danger of serious injury or death under the Health and Safety at Work Act.
I wonder if was partly because it was not clear which bits of the job he was personally responsible for, and arguably some of the danger came from work by the landlord himself, who also claims to be an electrician but seems to be something of a crook and who has been found guilty of manslaughter.

It does rather make you wonder what else either of them has worked on. Perhaps a few other former customers are now having an EICR, or at least should be recommended to do so.
It does seem to set the bar for what is acceptable rather lower than we might like, perhaps when we once more can eat out we should not only be looking for food hygiene ratings but also the results of a recent electrical inspection.


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