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Personal Data Breach on UTR Tennis

It seems that UTR Tennis is getting people to sign up in the name of playing a few matches - but thereafter actually follows the person around and collects information on who, where and how the person had been performing. This is clearly a breach of Personal Data Collection.

I have thereafter requested that my account be removed from UTR Tennis - that I only signed up in the show of playing a match or two!

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This is an excellent example of 'Data Scrapping' Cybercrime, where an individual's personal data or proprietary data of an organization, is collected using Artificial Intelligence computer programs to then feed into their own website. 

Whilst most persons would think that there is some kind of 'arrangement' between Tennis Australia and UTR Tennis, but that it is actually a product of Data Scrapping, would largely be unthought about. 

In Australia, laws are available and should be applied as per Privacy Act 1988:

Where, with and whom an Australian Tennis Player plays tournaments and matches would clearly qualify as the individual's personal data. 
Simon Barker
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It sounds like they are doing what they said they would do under their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


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