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Equal Access for Commonwealth Engineers Post Brexit
The critical issue that is addressed in the UK-EU Deal, is the moderation and appropriate administration of the free flow of cheap, low quality and dangerous goods into the EU Market from the UK. Most of such goods would have had a Chinese origin, that would have flooded the EU market, as it has for the rest of the world. Moreover, to have a financial allocation to such dangerous goods into a well regulated market, would have caused further deterioration for the world economy - causing certain recessions.

Whilst China is not in the Commonwealth and the even lesser countries in Africa and Asia depend on the UK economy for its exports, it has indeed been a loosing deal for the Commonwealth countries trading with EU ex-UK, where their resources would have been economically under-applied under such UK preferences.

Well done to the EU, to identify and rectify such critical failures in the world economy.
Engineers from Commonwealth countries can look forward to developing safe, ethical and professional products that would now have a better and adequately administered market worldwide - without which conditions, their education and research would have largely remained unapplied.




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