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Brexit Clears up Financial Audit Standards for British Economies
Brexit certainly clears up the expected Audit standards of public companies in Australia, that the ambiguities, inappropriateness and incompleteness in definition of what would be acceptable accounting is now clarified and improved with the UK established and operating companies, only legally being subjected to UK laws - meaning such interpretations of laws and accounting standards would fix the previously ambiguously defined auditing systems for the British Economies, who have lacked a sense of direction and purpose in the most efficient accounting practices.

Inserting that a UK company is accounting by EU laws, and having a branch or subsidiary in Australia thereby, becoming unlawful now, such propagations and associated financial issues can be irradiated purposefully. Otherwise companies, by such expected Audit failures would be subjected to severe legal liabilities both in the UK and in Australia.

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Simon Barker
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I see lots of English words, but I have no idea what any of that means. 🤨


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