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Where can I find this ladder?
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I am looking for a fibreglass ladder, 6 step with the little platform at the top for holding your hammer, screwdrivers etc. I realise this is a very common ladder, but...

I would like it to be a twin step ladder, i.e you can go up both sides.

I have looked and looked but cannot find any in the UK, at least not in stock.

Does anyone know where I can buy one from, do you have a link?

This is the type I am looking for. Thanks all 😊

T6306AZ | Step Ladders | Werner AU
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I think that is only available for export, so in the US , looks like Werner T6206 or very similar.
The EU certifications for such things do not seem to include ladders you can climb on both sides.
If you import one in the UK by buying from abroad, be aware of that lack of CE mark.
Not such an issue for private use, but could be at a place of work.
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Thanks for taking the time to reply Mike. I think you are right, I cannot find one in stock in the UK.... anywhere!
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I ordered a ladder standoff three weeks ago with next day delivery.

Guess what!
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not seen any on sites i have been on but good idea , saw another eu make on one job with a large top platform , perfect for quite a few jobs where standing on one rung for long periods on fiddley jobs is more foot stress than it needs to be 


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