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I received the following from Grimeton Radio Station SAQ info@alexander.n.se this afternoon.

A balloon experiment, launched by Warsaw University of Technology, is planned to lift off on September 12th 2020, carrying an unique VLF 210-m-long fully-airborne antenna system, creating EM field on 14.2 kHz - former frequency of the Babice Radio Station in Poland. The project is delivering very important data for a doctoral dissertation - any and all feedback on the reception of the signal (reception location, SNR, bandwidth etc.) is extremely important; your help with the listening to the transmission would be invaluable!

 More details on the flight & transmission:
12.09.2020, estimated lift-off time: 13.00-14.00 CEST
Lift-off location: Przasnysz Airport, Poland (53°00'46.3"N 20°55'52.4"E)
Flight duration: ~3 hours
Max. altitude: 30 km ASL
Emission type: A1 (narrow-band carrier) @ 14.2 kHz (1st class mobile EM device)
Operation starts on the ground, the antenna rises with the balloon ascending
Additional radionavigation signals: 144.8 MHz (seen on aprs.fi under callsign SP5AXL), 868 MHz
VLF antenna type: center-fed half-folded vertical electric dipole with capacitive sphere and vertical axial coil
If you have any questions, the Babice Radio Station Culture Park Association (trcn.pl) - the patron of the experiment - can answer via e-mail or Facebook:
Please note that this is not an activity arranged by the World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station, nor by the Alexander association. Any questions about this activity shall be directed to the Babice Radio Station Culture Park Association.




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