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Behaviour in Space
The UK has taken a strong step forward to ask the United Nations to define the appropriate and responsible behaviour in Space. Indeed, such appropriate and responsible behaviour, would be the fundamental basis for the expected behaviour of the global community in Space.

However, to be noted, that such expectations are different for different communities in this world, and some markets, where there are stringent measurements for technology use and uptake, may find that in Space you can be who you are and not have any such inherited expected behaviours. Still, in some other world communities, the expected behaviour on Earth or the respected Country, is expected to be displayed wherever, including in Space - albeit, maybe without any explicit Regulations around it. So interestingly, it comes down to how a user of the Space perceives the area, if it is an asset or a liability, and if this share Space is somewhere to express an escapism or to continue the good work.



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