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That virus
Kelly Marie 11001211805
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I was thinking ( did you hear the gears grinding?)that of all the people who mite be unfortunate to get the virus  then  High voltage maintenance engineers should be less prone then most after all they are experts at preventing corona!! Ok sorry il go and lie down now
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mapj1 80733779
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I'll try that with my H and S person at work, he has just the sense of humour for it (!) 

(as one of my many hats here is tech authority for our HV test faclilty.)

Actually on test rigs that are a bit near the knuckle, a ball of blue tak over sharp screws etc to round off to larger radius of curvature on a a semi-insulating surface can be quite handy, Not for final production of course.. 
I guess Mike that you use Blue Tak for negative sharp screws etc and https://www.tts-group.co.uk for positive voltages?  😁
mapj1 80733779
2070 Posts
well it will surely work if the pink blue tak is similarly a mediocre conductor.
Actually for a given geometry, negative corona sets in at a noticeably lower voltage gradient - electrons are easier to pull off a metal than out of the air. (or if you like electrons are runnier than holes...)
With that in mind, we normally do DC test structures at negative voltages, if it holds up, it will normally also  pass the positive case with no effort.

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