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Neon Lighting.
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Did you know that neon lighting was first demonstrated to the public on 11th December 1910 in Paris France. It was developed by the French chemist and physicist Georges Claude (1870-1960). 


It seems a good time to demonstrate neon lighting, during the shorter days.

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Real neon signs are now very little used, most so called neon signs are copies involving LEDs.
The making and repairing of real neon signs is a dying trade, regrettably.
The once famous advertising signs at Piccadilly circus in London used to consist largely of real neon, but is now faked by means of large flat panel displays. IMHO, the authorities should have insisted on real neon being retained at such a high profile site.

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id say its getting more common again, plenty of bars now have real neon signs up insidse, and a few outside too.
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I did a small job for a couple in Norfolk about 18 months ago, and the husband made real neon signs in his garage. He bent the glass tubes into shape by heating the glass, and introduced the electrodes as well. It was fascinating to see. It is a rare art though.

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Yep the good old neon.
I used to make socket tester plugs from bog standard plugtops and two neons three resistors. R1 an N1 in series between E and L. R2 and N2 between E and N. R3 between L & N.
N1 only lit then all is well (sort of) , N2 only lit then L & N are transposed. Both N1 & N2 lit (a little duller) then E or N missing.
Worked reasonably well as a cheapskate quicko tester.


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