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formation of local network in muscat
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Sanjeev Thankappan 11001197448
Joined 19/04/2017 - 8 Posts
I am based in Muscat. I support.
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Hi , I am Sukhjit . I think this is good idea.

As they have UAE network.

But how many IETians are in Muscat.


Regent Lam 83344534
Joined 18/12/2003 - 1 Posts
Sanam, would you like to further dicuss regarding your concern. I am the Regional Co-ordinator responsible for the LN in Middle East and South East Asia. My email address is rlam@theiet.org.
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yes that's a brilliant idea. thanks buddy.
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i just wanted 2 know whther we could start a local network in Muscat, Oman.
all those IET members from this place please do reply.

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