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IET Membership (MIET) from Pakistan
Hi all!
I am applying for MIET membership but it's asking me to enter the details of my supporter. The problem is that I don't know or have anyone to support this application. Can someone support me for my application or guide me with this problem. Another thing is that I am also registered with Engineers Australia as a Professional Electronics Engineer, so I want to ask that can this accreditation from Engineers Australia help me to get IET membership?
Here are my credentials:
Degree: 4 years BE Electrical Engineering ( Hamdard University Pakistan)
Experience: 3.5 years of experience in Solar/Electrical Power Systems (Pakistan)
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Hi Noman,

I think that this might be trying to get one system to do too many different things. I am not aware of any reason why you need a supporter, so I would suggest leaving this blank and seeing if it will accept it. If not, then contact the IET and ask them to resolve it.

I also know that the IET have a reciprocal recognition agreement with Engineers Australia so if you contact them and enquire about this (with your EA membership reference) then this will certainly help.


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