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FIET interview

I am currently having CENG and IntpE status from IET. I believe that i posses the qualifications for FIET as well, The process is clear and i have one clarification on that. If i select for an interview, how should i prepare? Further to that, what is the probability on facing an interview for the fellowship?
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If you believe you achieve the requirements for Fellow (not really qualifications - see https://www.theiet.org/media/3000/oc_iet_fellowship-criteria_v4.pdf) and that you have met them for the past five years (note that this is also a requirement - "respected professionals at the forefront of engineering, technology or cognate disciplines for at least five years or more") then I would suggest getting hold of an application form and getting in touch with a Fellow PRA, which can be requested from the "Find a PRA" page. Interviews are only held where the IET deem it appropriate/necessary and I understand that it is not the norm (perhaps only about 1/4 or 1/5 of applicants are interviewed, though I am sure someone will provide more reliable figures than I can). It therefore doesn't seem to be necessary to prepare for a Fellow interview unless actually called to have one.
can i have a PRA from a different country ?
The system will assign a PRA following accepted rules, the main one being geographical, so if there is an appropriate local PRA (and he/she is not already overloaded) than that is who you will be assigned, but there is no requirement that the PRA be in the same country (or even the same continent).


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