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I.E.T. Local Members Event Disappointment.

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I.E.T. Local Members Event Disappointment.

Posted by Zoomup on Jun 29, 2019 7:38 pm

I received an email inviting me to attend a local I.E.T. members' event. I was keen to go. I was required to pre-book. I attempted to register my interest but had to log in (I am permanently logged into this site as I do not know how to log out). Anyway I was sent a passcode to register. As I had to leave the I.E.T. emailed site to open my emails to obtain the passcode and then return to the I.E.T. site it then apparently required a new passcode, newer than the one I had been issued with. I am stumped and can not register to attend the local event. This is  not good. Any clues anyone please?


Re: I.E.T. Local Members Event Disappointment.

Posted by Lisa Miles on Jul 2, 2019 3:48 pm

Andy Millar:
 In an ideal world LN's would have the email addresses of local members who wanted to be kept informed of local events - again, like most other organisations do! - and then we could just let them know. But this isn't an ideal world. 

Actually Andy they already do!

Our volunteers can have access to our email marketing tool to send out emails to members and non members in their area who have 'signed up' for the Local Network emails. 
We no longer just hand over a database of email and postal addresses to the volunteer committees every month as that is a HUGE data protection issue. I remember a case where one of my volunteers once used an old database (that he'd kept in his desk draw) that was over 6 years old, resulting in a large number of very upset widows contacting me to ask why they had received a letter addressed to their long deceased husband and why hadn't the IET updated our database when it had been requested... 
So I'm sure you can appreciate why we don't just 'hand out' contact information to our volunteers anymore! 

However, as before, they do have access to our email marketing tool which enables them to send emails without having to concern themselves with the validity of the data as it's all done for them in the background. If they're not confident in using the tool themselves, then their IET staff contact (Local Network Manager) can also assist.

Hope that helps? 
Lisa Miles - Online Community Manager, Engineering Communities

Re: I.E.T. Local Members Event Disappointment.

Posted by Andy Millar on Jul 4, 2019 6:51 pm

Lisa Miles:

Hope that helps? 
I'll let you know! 🙂
Andy Millar CEng CMgr IET Mentor / IET PRA uk.linkedin.com/in/millarandy

Re: I.E.T. Local Members Event Disappointment.

Posted by Denis McMahon on Jul 5, 2019 8:40 am

Yes I do get e-mails about local events - much appreciated. Over the last few years I have had continuing difficulties in logging into anything IET related. I am forced to change my password, for whatever reason, then in next to no time I have difficulty logging in again.

For registering for local events I decided not to worry about the member login. After all, these events are open to non-members. I have been just registering without my IET login, as a non-member would, but then in giving my details stating that actually I am an IET member anyway.  This has always worked without  a problem. I surmise that the main purpose of this registration is to give an idea of numbers expected for catering, etc.

A few days ago I migrated my account to this new one-login-serves-all system - not without some difficulty and the need to phone customer support for assistance. I take some comfort that others have had similar difficulties and I am not completely stupid. If this new system solves most of these previous problems, won't that be great!

We'll soon see. I'm planning to attend an upcoming local event and I need to register soon . . .
Denis McMahon, BSc, MIET, MBCS, PGCE

Re: I.E.T. Local Members Event Disappointment.

Posted by Denis McMahon on Jul 10, 2019 8:10 am

. . . so I registered for that local event. The e-mail linked me to the registration page. I chose to log in for the easy auto-complete, and I was once again presented with the migration invitation page. Since I had already migrated I completed the e-mail and password fields below. Apparently this is what you must do. And yes it worked - I was logged in! So far so good.

Now I was asked to enter an event number, but I had no idea what number that was. I looked back at the original e-mail, the event details page but I could not find a number to enter. In the end I just used the non-login-method as on previous occasion, giving my full personal details and stating I was a member.

I must say, the web pages look very smart and well-designed. The page I arrived at after registration showed clearly the address of the venue, and a map. Unfortunately the map showed the roads around, not the venue but . . . Savoy Place!  Ah well, Bing Maps to the rescue!

Denis McMahon, BSc, MIET, MBCS, PGCE

Re: I.E.T. Local Members Event Disappointment.

Posted by Michael Wrigley on Jul 11, 2019 4:02 pm

Two points which I don't think have been aired :
1 IET members who receive "invitations" might consider themselves lucky as Local Network activities appear to have ground to a halt. Several people have said how difficult it is to work within the IET rulebook and "just don't bother any more". Not sure why it should be necessary to register beforehand though.
2 When an invitation does arrive, it says something like XXX created the community event yyyy. No date, no city. For that you have to go to a Website. Again, "why bother"? It really doesn't seem to be that difficult to make sure the date and city appear in the mail.
For my part, I'm happy for my address to be held within the LN (or its equivalent in other Institutions) and receive "useful" mails.


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