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How about an App Version of Career Manager............?
Is there any possibility of the IET launching an App version of Career Manager ?
The Career Manager web-site pages point out that if CPD is recorded regularly then it needn't take very long.
However, I suspect that many members like myself, do not get time to do this during daily work hours and struggle to make time for this with all the family commitments during evenings and weekends.
What would really help is an IET Career Manager App for mobile devices that could be used for off-line compilation of CPD records during the long commuting journeys when internet connectivity is often not available (you don't get Wi-Fi on Northern's Class 142 DMUs!).  The compiled records could then be synchronised with the on-line Career Manager when next on-line.
Would there be any support for this?

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Fiona Dew
88 Posts
That's a great question Graeme Beale‍ and I'm sure one that lots of members have.  David Aylett‍ has the team considered some sort of functionality to enable off-line compilation of CPD records?
Kathryn Bain
370 Posts
Thank you for your suggestion.  A CPD mobile application is already on our roadmap for consideration in the future.  As it only takes around 5 minutes to complete a CPD record, the benefits of this change needs to be balanced against the cost of such development. We are constantly reviewing our roadmap list for items to include in our annual service releases and we log each request or idea that comes into us for consideration.  We will add the details from your suggestion to our roadmap, and will review it at future discussions.
Hi Kathryn. Finding 5 minutes several times a week while having internet connectivity is the problem. I can find the time,  but only while commuting- not during my working day or at home where family commitments dominate.
Has the membership at large been asked whether an app-based version of Career Manager to enable off-line compilation of CPD records would help them? G
Simon Barker
707 Posts
I suspect that there aren't that many people who can't find the odd 5 minutes or so to update their CPD somewhere where there's an internet connection.

How many times a week do you update your CPD?  I'm lucky if I have something to put down once in a week.
Shee Chew
411 Posts
Time and conveniece of the mobile phone in carrying out many of the conventional tasks using the computer or notebooks is moving to all spects of our life.

What is requested is reasonable and I hope it is feasible and affordable by IET

Chris Chew
I cannot even get the time while commuting as I drive 2 hours each day and I am unable to use my phone during those times. I may get the odd minute or so each week, but I do not have a laptop or computer available (My old PC takes 20 minutes to boot up so it rarely used). My phone is always available and ready to use. More apps for various sections of the IET would be very useful and far more engaging. Like for the IPD, CPD, forums etc.


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