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CEng Application - Training / CPD
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Good evening all,

I hope you are well.

I am currently working on my application for CEng and have a few queries re CPD.

Recording CPD in career manager (CM) works differently to recording CPD in the Training section of the CEng application. Everything recorded in the CEng application is automatically "transferred" to the CPD activities of CM as a training course but this doesn't work vice versa. 

I therefore have the following questions:
  • Does CPD need to be recorded as part of the professional registration? Do we need to record 30 hours? If so, for how many years? If not, is there a minimum or a guidance on what we should record for the application? I am conscious of the space this would take of the total 12 pages.
  • Do we need to submit our CPD declaration before submitting for professional registration? If so, for how many years?
Thank you in advance for your help.

Kind Regards,

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I think I will answer your question by saying that your application does not need to contain the detailed record of your CPD, but it should at least contain a reference to the fact that you do CPD (which is, after all, one of the competences). If the records of CPD are within CM then this will be accessible to the IET. Even if you are recording your CPD elsewhere (i.e. not accessible to the IET) then this record would be something you could take to the interview to show the interviewers if needed.

Submission of CPD records and/or verification that you are doing CPD is a requirement for maintaining CEng. If you are not yet CEng then it could be argued that it is not required to submit them, but I would point out that if you are in the habit of keeping your CPD records in a form that is not convenient for submission, such as paper copies or even a spreadsheet, then even as CEng you would not be penalised for not submitting them until requested.

As for how far back you need to keep them, I personally would think that two or three years showing consistent CPD would be acceptable but that is just a guess.

Kathryn Bain
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I agree with Alasdair that a sentence or two in your career history about how you keep your knowledge and skills up to date and have developed knowledge in your career is a good way to describe CPD and of course you will show your future development in your development action plan which will show your future and aspirational development plans.

Whilst submitting CPD records is a part of ongoing maintenance of Professional Registration, all members with designatory letters can be called for audit as part of the IET's rules of conduct so you can submit your CPD records through to us as a declaration and as Alasdair, getting into the habit of doing this means that it is not a difficult task if you are audited.  I would suggest starting with your 2020/21 records and not putting too much detail in and instead focussing on the application - a sentence or two for your employment history will recognise what you did further back in terms of CPD and you can start focussing on your future development and CPD recording from now.

Hope that helps,

Simon Barker
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Training is CPD, but not all CPD is training.  You can put any sort of learning into CPD, such as reading E&T magazine, attending a talk on a new technology or reading a textbook.  Training is more organised courses, usually with a test and a certificate at the end.

The people assessing you for CEng really don't want to know every magazine article or technical presentation you've seen over the past few years.  They do want to know about relevant training courses you've attended if it shows that you are qualified to be a CEng.


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