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Developing Engineering Course
I'm hoping to begin the cycle for IEng enrollment, I've investigated the 'Creating Engineer' online course to ideally discover some direction. I don't have a BEng at this point, just a HNC and am right now finishing a HND by means of distance learning. I have insight in administration positions and am marking on as an organization chief in the following not many weeks. I believe I am at IEng level, a smidgen of direction would be extraordinary however as I don't know about anybody I can address on this. CEng is the fantasy, feels extremely inaccessible from the present at EngTech status. 

Does anybody have any involvement in the Developing Engineer course, I'm keen on it however am aware of the cash being gone through with the HND at the moment. I have spoken momentarily to a PRA as I have begun the application structure however I've just gone similar to business history. Now I have to for an Interview Calvindude
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Roy Bowdler
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I couldn’t find any information about a “Create Engineer” Course. Who is the provider? Caveat Emptor!

If you are about to gain an HND, your “normal” learning related to your work experience in addition, may be sufficient to demonstrate the IEng benchmark of “Bachelors level”.

As an Eng Tech you should be in a good position to judge if you are meeting the IEng competences. Discuss further with a PRA, preferably familiar with your type of career path. If they are uncomfortable with Eng Tech to IEng in you sector, then another PRA can be found.       

Good day David,

I completed the Developing Engineer course available on IET Academy last August. However, my purpose was to conduct a retrospective of my IEng application which was submitted 8-months earlier in preparation for PRI. 

I must admit, I found the course very useful. Each competence of the UK-SPEC is separated into its own module. This allowed for focusing on a single competence evidence for completing IET Career Manager IEng self-assessment. The course also used personas for developing engineers from various disciplines to provide real life examples of how UK-SPEC can be demonstrated for each competence. Line managers' perspectives was also given for the latter. There's also an assessment at the end of each module to test understanding.

Having completed the course, I gained deeper knowledge of completing the self-assessment. I updated the latter and shared with the PRI interviewers. I successfully attained IEng registration in November 2020.
Roy Bowdler
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Thanks for this information. 

I Google searched for a “Developing Engineer” programme before giving the previous answer, but didn’t find anything. Obviously, I was unaware of this being provided by The IET Academy, despite being an active volunteer and retired former employee of the IET.

I was aware of an IET course called “Preparing for Professional Registration”. Did you consider this and if so, what were the differences?      
Good day Roy,

To be honest, prior to submitting my IEng application in December 2019, I didn't participate in any IET professional registration preparatory training. Since I was already a registered engineer in my country of Trinidad and Tobago, I contacted an IET mentor working at my employer whilst on assignment in the UK North Sea. I shared my CV and professional registration self-assessment with my mentor who advised how the application should be completed. The mentor later connected me with an IET PRA also working with my employer. I met a twice with the PRA before gaining approval to submit my application.

Overall, it took approximately 4-months between meeting with mentor and submitting the application. However, PRI was 11-months later. 

Following application submission, I completed several IET professional registration courses. These were simply to understand the requirements of becoming an IET mentor; namely: 
  • Professional registration weekly workshop 
  • The key skills of mentoring e-class
  • Mentoring towards professional registration e-class
  • Developing Engineer 
In hindsight, the Developing Engineer programme can put candidates on the right path in finding appropriate evidence to satisfy UK-SPEC. Candidates should be able to at least complete the IET Career Manager self-assessment upon completion. What the course doesn't provide though, is how to write the application. Application writing guidance is somewhat covered in the Mentoring Towards Professional Registration e-class. For writing details, there's also the, Writing Evidence for Professional Registration. 
Kathryn Bain
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Roy Bowdler‍ 

Hi Roy, I think Ryan has given a really good overview of some of the courses and resources available for professional registration but for those not familiar we have a number of resources including the course you mention, preparing for professional registration which is currently run over 2 days online and provides an overview of the processes for professional registration, access to a PRA and links to the relevant IET services (such as competence development or Registration Engagement).  For those specifically seeking IEng we also have the developing engineer course (which I believe is now called "Becoming an Incorporated Engineer" which is much more competence oriented from the description that Ryan gave and is available one the IET Academy site - it includes an overview of the process, and competence and worked examples for those seeking more detailed support.

We also provide the practical support of our guided registration process, which may not have been in place when Ryan worked toward registration, as well as competence development support through Career Manager, and of course mentoring (which Ryan also mentioned) for those developing competences.



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