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CEng PRI in April 2021
I applied CEng professional registration in Jan 2021. I was informed this week that my PRI would be in mid April. I feel difficult to present my content with 5 page ONLY and within 15 minutes. With these limitations, my presentation would be quite brief, is it okay? 
And for Q&A session, would those interviewers ask questions base on my content? Will they ask any random questions or something related to their specialty?
Will I be informed who are the interview panel before my interview?
Thank you very much.

Samantha CHENG
Hong Kong
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Hi Samantha,

The five slides and fifteen minutes only relate to your presentation, which is used as a launch point for the interview. The important point with the presentation is whether you can talk about your chosen project to explain what your contribution was (i.e. competence D, communication) but the presentation is only the start as there will then be questions covering all the competences in UK Spec. I would say more but there is a very good post from a couple of days ago on a similar thread at https://communities.theiet.org/discussions/viewtopic/795/28054.

Best wishes for a successful interview.

(Late edit - I should have said that you will not be told in advance who the interview panel are. The panel should not include anyone who knows you in order to maintain impartiality)
Thank you so much


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