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CEng - Presentation content
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Hi everyone,

I will have my CEng PRI in the coming weeks and as I am preparing for the interview, I would like to ask you guys about the presentation content. Can I present a project/task NOT previously mentioned on my original application? There is a 7 months gap between my application submission and PRI. So I would like to present a more recent project which I started working on after my CEng application.

Any thoughts?
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Roy Pemberton
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Absolutely you can and it can inject more interest into the discussion.  One of the first things you will be asked,  anyway,  because we know there is often a significant gap from submitting your application to attending interview is whether anything has changed since your application though just dealing with a new project doesn't constitute a change as such. 
The really important thing is that you should look to make the presentation a springboard for providing the best opportunity for demonstrating how you fulfill the competences,  especially the A & B competences,  though it can often be a great opportunity to move,  organically,  into the other competences too, so definitely,  select the project that best achieves that aim for you,  regardless of it being since tor application was submitted. 
Best of luck with it. 
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Thank you Roy.

Could you please enlighten me why the interview focuses on competences A and B mainly. I have always had the wrong notion that the interview would focus on the competences C
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Thank you very much Roy. 


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