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CEng Application process by EngC
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I have made a CENG application using the careers manager. The application process was extremely streamlined and the IET admin support have done extremely well to process the payment. Further into this process I have opted for outside the UK for interview. My question is whether an interview is conducted in one of the regional centers. Kindly clarify the scrutiny process and award of professional registration?
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Under the current circumstances all interviews are being carried out by Zoom/Skype or equivalent so the location is immaterial. Under more normal circumstances in the UK interviews would be carried out mainly in London and Birmingham for candidates based in England/Wales and Glasgow for candidates based in Scotland but additional regional locations would be used where deemed appropriate. For non-UK based candidates the regional centres would be used but Skype interviews have always been much more common than in the UK due to the candidates often not being located where they can conveniently attend a regional centre.


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