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IEng or CEng

I have been on the edge of applying for professional registration for a number of years now, but now feel it is the right time to progress this.  I am looking to see if there is anyone I can reach out to that I can discuss which route I would be best suited to go down and would be willing to provide me some support in the application process.

Thanks in advance.

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What’s your area of expertise?

regards Jim W
Hi James,

I am an Electrical Engineer with over 18 years experience from installation, maintenance, design and project management and also have a BEng(Hons) degree in Building Services Engineering.



Thats my field to - I’m retired with 50 years in the industry.

Complete a draft application form in Career Manager and email it to me on jameswax@hotmail.com and I’ll go through it for you.

A few tips - every paragraph starts with “I” and doing it is better than just being responsible for it. Read the UK Spec 3rd edition especially the matrix at the back of the document, it’s available on the IET’s and EC’s web sites.

Regards Jim W
Hi Jim,

Thanks that would be great and very much appreciated, will have a look what I have so far and the matrix and get the draft across to you.

Thanks again

Craig hi - glad to hear your interest in professional registration. I belief 15+ year experience is a good to apply for the registration. Being an electrical engineer, if you need assistance feel free to text me at 2911shadab@gmail.com.
Shadab Anwar
Hi Shadab,

Thanks that is great and very much appreciated.




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